We are focused on delivering continuous Innovation and provide solution-oriented products for the consumer electronics Industry around the World.

    Since 2009, Hong Kong Etech Group Ltd has developed a complete lineup of consumer electronics tech products which are distributed worldwide. Our diverse product line of product includes:

· Connectivity: MFI, Type C, Conversion Cable, Adapter and more.

· Charging: PD/GaN Charger, Wireless Charger, Car Charger, Wall Tap, Hub, Power Plug, Power Bank and more.

· Audio & Video: TWS Earbuds, BT Speaker, Audio Glasses, Headset, Karaoke Mic. and more.

· Accessories: Phone and laptop Holder, Lighting, Cover Accessories, and more.

· Smart & Innovation: Smart Light, Plug, Camera, IOT(Internet of Things) Products and more.

Our head office based in Baoan has 170 staff covering all the shared disciplines of sales, marketing, product design, engineering,  product & project development and finance to ensure all customer projects are handled in an efficient and timely manner.

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